HDMI Wireless Extender with 1080P @60Hz, Wide Band IR Passback & 5GHz Low Interference Frequency Range,200m/656ft

$229.00 $189.00


200M HDMI WIRELESS EXTENDER WITH FULL HD 1080P @60Hz, WIDE BAND IR PASSBACK, AND 5GHz frequency, allows you to Extended your HDMI signal Wirelessly over long distances that standard HDMI cables don’t normally handle.  Even over these long distances these extenders keep your HDMI signal free from attenuation giving you crisp clear images just as a short HDMI cable would do.

The Wide Band band (20K-60KHz)  IR Passback allows you to control  your display from your source with almost all IR remotes. This set comes with 1ea HDMI  Transmitter (TX) and 1ea HDMI Receiver (RX), both which come with power supplies to ensure signal quality over long distances.

These extenders are plug and play so simply connect your source HDMI cable into the TX and RX HDMI into your display. Then power up all your connected devices including the TX and RX and you will start seeing a picture right away.

It offers an easy to use HD video solution for Conference Rooms , Education and Training, Casinos, Sports Bars, Super Markets, Shopping Malls, Churches, Data Control Centre, Luxury Homes, Home Theatres or anywhere you need a solution for your AV distribution over long distance where cables are not an options.