Nanit Plus Video Baby Monitor with Sleep Tracking (N211CA), NEW,Open Box,Tested

$399.00 $349.00


Nanit Plus is a video monitor that helps your baby sleep like a baby. Nanit’s overhead HD camera tracks and understands everything happening in your baby’s crib (sleep patterns, parent visits, room conditions), and then provides personalized, scientifically-backed sleep guidance to help your baby, and you, sleep better.

View from All Angles

  • Bird’s-eye view lets you have an overhead view of your baby’s activities in the crib
  • Zoom feature gives you a close-up view of the baby
  • Night vision lets you check on your baby even in the dark
  • Pan and tilt the camera for monitoring your baby from any position
  • Video recording function lets you view past footage

Listen and Talk

  • High-definition audio for clearly listening to your baby
  • Two-way audio allows you to speak, sing, and play soothing music for your child via the Nanit app on your smartphone
  • 24/7 background audio lets you listen to your baby even when your phone screen is locked or while you are using other apps

Keep Your Baby Comfortable

  • Temperature alert and humidity sensor let you know when the thermostat should be adjusted
  • Nightlight helps you find your way in the nursery, without turning on the lights and disturbing your little one’s sleep

Real-time and Remote Monitoring

  • Real-time sound and motion sensors send a notification to your device when the baby moves
  • Remote view keeps you connected with your baby even when you are away

Get sleep insights

  • One-year Nanit Insights subscription gives data on nightly recaps and activities, that help you understand and improve your baby’s sleeping patterns

Security and safety

  • Secure cord management keeps the cords away from baby’s sight and hands
  • Enterprise-level security and AES 256-bit symmetric-key encryption protect data and prevent hacking
  • Sound activated display turns on the parent screen when noise is detected

Other features

  • Nanit app is compatible with iPhone and Android devices and helps you monitor your little one from anywhere
  • Single receiver unit to watch the baby from another room
  • Supports up to 10 cameras to watch over your baby from all angles