Sim Card & Process fee for Canada Unlimited Calling plus 35GB, $55/month Plan ( Black Friday Plan)

$35.00 $20.00


  • Unlimited Canada-wide Calling
  • Includes: Voice Mail, Caller ID, Call forwarding
  • Unlimited Canada-Wide messages
  • LTE-4G Data
  • Additional Data: $15.00 / 1GB
  • Sim card & process fee $20
  • No contract, no credit check
  • You can get a new number or port your number from the existing company.
  • If you want to port your cell number from the existing company, please do not cancel your existing service.
  • Available for on-site pick up the sim card at our location or we ship to you.
  • If you want to port to another company, you can port out after 3 months.
  • We suggest you download “Data Monitor” or a similar app from your cell phone. You can check the data every day.