eGalaxy® 100″4:3 Floor Up Projector Screen FS100B

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eGalaxy Floor Projector Screen provides the ultimate in portability and convenience for presentations or video watching. With the simple twist of a latch, screen will rise up from the floor or table into position in seconds, with effortless ease. To close, simply push down and re-latch.



Model FS100B(4:3) G 59.8”  (152cm)
A 0.8”  (2cm) H 4.5”  (12cm)
B 1.2”  (3cm) J 85.8”  (218cm)
C 20.9”  (53cm) K 100”  (254cm)
D 87.8”  (223cm) L 83.1”  (211cm)
E 3.9”  (10cm) M 3.1”  (8cm)
F 79.9”  (203cm) N 5.7”  (14.5cm)
  • With patented scissor lift technology, the ultra-portable Floor Projector screen is the perfect companion for your projector when you need to do a Power point presentation or show a video

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 91 x 6 x 7 in


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